We offer to consult with you to determine your needs for engineering/technical still and moving images, and to supply digital graphics, animations, and videos to satisy your quality, delivery, and costing requirements.

We generate locations and models from scratch or from CAD files, apply textures and shaders, and insert lighting and cameras. We render photo realistic still images, or alternatively, less realistic more diagramatic illustrations. We create videos for DVD by rendering animations at 25 frames per second. We have written our own original software additions for the animation system, to enable mechanical components to interact and operate realistically. We continue to enhance our system.

We are ready to help with still images, a short video animation, or a longer stand-alone video which may include animations, live video, slides, titles, narration, sound effects, and music.

To start discussing your ideas and possibilities, please email or call me.

We will provide a firm quote and delivery, as soon as the scope of the project is clear. We aim to impress you with our service and affordability. All consultations prior to quotation, are free of charge.

michaelfinlay@lokiconsultants.com     61 3 9878 0740

Let us work with you to showcase your organisational capabilities, via an engineered message, to your particular communication targets.

Our digital services can be applied to marketing and training communications for almost any product / service / proposal / project / process, particularly where a technical / engineering / industrial / educational message must be delivered with maximum impact to engage and hold your customers / clients / staff / trainees.

Computer generated animation gives unprecedented control over the presentation of complex processes. The camera flies through and around to reveal the overall picture and context, and zooms in close for the finest details. Surfaces become transparent to reveal hidden components and operations, and then return to opaque.